Welcome Aboard!

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Welcome to the Philippines!

Pinasgram welcomes you to the Philippines in its simple and unique way of bringing the Philippines closer to each one of us.  As our tagline says, “Capturing the Philippines in Photographs”, Pinasgram brings to us amazing photographs of the many beauties and wonders we can find almost exclusively in the Philippines.

Pinasgram captures individually the images that best reflects the diverse culture, tradition, and wonders that are almost uniquely Philippines.  Each day of blogging, Pinasgram brings a new photograph for a truly amazing experience of the Philippines online.

Pinasgram compiles these images from various sources.  Mostly from individuals and groups that have shared amazing and wonderful experiences of the Philippines.  Pinasgram does not claim any copyright or ownership of these images as each photograph are mostly compiled from the public domain.  Pinasgram does not assume responsibility in acknowledging copyrights and due credits to the rightful owners of the photographs, instead we are expressing our sincerest gratitude to those individuals and groups who have taken extraordinary efforts in making them available on the public domain.

Pinasgram envisions in bringing to the world the imagery of the Philippines that will give us more appreciation and understanding of the diverse yet distinct Philippines.
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